“The collection is a study of femininity. We looked at erotica. Vargas girls, cages, corsets and crinolines and the idealisation of the female form. Nothing is set in a particular period. It’s about sensuality and skin but not nudity. We also wanted to express lightness, for the clothes almost to hover over the women who wear them.” Sarah Burton


amq_ss13c_w01_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w02_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w03_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w05_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w07_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w08_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w09_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w11_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w13_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w15_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w16_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w17_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w18_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w19_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w21_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w22_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w23_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w24_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w25_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w26_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w27_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w28_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w29_A_640x1140 amq_ss13c_w30_A_640x1140


5 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen Women’s Spring/Summer 2013

  1. Gorgeous collection ! I so love the way Sarah Burton keeps on the good work and stays true to the amazing Alexander McQueen’s legacy ! Thanks for sharing and for following my blog ! Fashionable greetings from a girl in Marseille, France, who’s crazy about British fashion and British magazines !

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