Once you establish a look, and once everybody recognizes that look as your look, you never have to think about fashion again. –  Doug Coupland


59560-gossipgirl-blair-waldorf-leighton-meester-martini-drink-bar 20547742021619017_AmRLJCHA_c 61713457365607538_nuI69pdK_c 61713457365704559_GVMISIbF_c 121315783682039883_Zm6VAsNM_c 188377196885101991_gyird0cA_c 239535273902480887_LR9M4dOL_c 261068109620766285_Ov18AQQ4_c 261560690827912593_XtTtCHYW_c 263531015665435478_10DVvNAh_c 280067670548520863_v3fOrb1K_c 280067670548713673_r2aPpKsF_c 386465211743325661_yvlmwC6t_c 386465211743480859_dptzpvoW_c S


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