Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring . – Marilyn Monroe

Fashion industry once again proved that quote. Day by day gap-toothed models have become more popular. They have been booking the majority of run-way shows , fashion editorials and advertising campaigns. The tendency has not been unnoticed by the journalists and bloggers and there are numerous articles about the phenomenon called Gap-toothed smile.

I remember my childhood and the struggle many kids had with their imperfect smiles. Many of my friends were ashamed to smile or speak, because the popular children used to bully them. Personally, I think the fashion industry – even unknowing – made something good and in favor of all imperfect people around the world.

It’s a love for the imperfect, and the authentic – Stefano Tonchi

Indeed, there is something unique about gap-toothed models. They differ strongly from the mass of the models , becoming much more recognizable from the mass. The increasing fame of them really brings more diversity to the run-way show and magazines. The smile imperfection is a perfect accessory for a topmodel , an accessory quite enviable today.

I , do , enjoy the movement to something more quirky , something more authentic !

Abbey Lee Jennifer Pugh Lara-Stone-006 Lindsey Wixson


2 thoughts on “Imperfection is beauty

  1. Bravo!! What a fabulous blog for the beginning of the new year than to recognize how beautiful imperfections are!! Great blog!!

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