Today is the last day of the year 2012 : a year quite successful and simultaneously disappointing for me ! Through the year I  learned from my mistakes , overcame many obstacles , and became a better – stronger – person. On an other hand , I have met people who changed my life and opened my eyes for entire – new – world. I had so much memorable moments and funny stories. I will let this year go with- almost- no regrets , but all regrets I have I will try to re-make them…

Some might look back at 2012 and see everything that wasn’t accomplished, I like to call them the new opportunities of 2013. I have a quite short list , yet some of the tasks will be the most difficult decisions I have ever taken. I believe in eternal happiness and true love ; unlimited possibilities and numerous chances ; I believe that we – with our decisions and actions – are responsible for our destiny… So be a bit more selfish and think first of all about you and what you want , so you do not regret anything in the end of 2013 !!!

Many years ago I resolved never to bother with New Year’s resolutions, and I have stuck with it ever since ! – Dave Beard

I used to be that way , no new year resolutions , no map through the year. However, today I decided that I will make a short list with a resolutions so they can remind me of the past and will help me to live  one better  year :

  • Be a bit more selfish
  • Do not change a thing about you because of someone (except your family)
  • Mind your own business and do not let anyone to mess with yours
  • A bit more effort at University and work
  • Keep being yourself
  • Fight for the things and people you want in your life
  • Be brave
  • Be less sensitive
  • Accomplish at least 3 dreams
  • Keep calm & carry on !

For you , Dear bloggers , I want to wish you a very happy and successful year ! Year fulfilled with love, laugh , friends and something you wish for ! xoxo


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